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Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills

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Mommy Makeover Beverly HillsPregnancy, childbirth and nursing are rewarding experiences, but they can have serious consequences for a woman’s physical appearance. The abdomen can lose its healthy tone and become flabby and saggy; the breasts can droop, causing the nipples to point downward; and extra fat can accumulate in areas around the body. Many mothers find that they are unable to address these changes and restore their pre-baby figures with lifestyle changes alone.

Dr. Betty Kim offers mommy makeover as a solution for women that want to reclaim their bodies after pregnancy and look and feel their best after having children. Every mommy makeover is uniquely tailored to the particular concerns and aesthetic goals of the patient; no two mommy makeover treatment plans are exactly alike. What all mommy makeovers have in common is the goal of helping the patient feel completely comfortable in her own skin.

What Does Mommy Makeover Include?

Mommy makeover can include any combination of breast and body sculpting surgery. Most mommy makeovers include abdominoplasty to target pregnancy-related changes to the stomach, including loose, stretched-out skin, loss of muscle tone and fat deposits. Many mommy makeover patients also opt for breast lift to restore a youthful position to flat or shapeless breasts. Implants may be placed to add shape and volume.

Mommy Makeover Surgery Beverly HillsDr. Kim works one-on-one with every mommy makeover candidate to develop a targeted treatment plan to help her look like her old self again (or even better). As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim is in the perfect position to understand her patients’ desires and set their expectations of surgery accordingly. Her compassion and empathy make the patient experience very positive and memorable.

Treatment Details

Procedure selection is based on the patient’s trouble areas and ideal cosmetic outcomes. Below is a list of procedures that are frequently involved in mommy makeover:

  • Breast lift (mastopexy) to give flat, shapeless breasts a perkier, more youthful position and shape. During surgery, excess skin is removed and the breast tissues are relocated higher on the chest wall. Downward-pointing nipples can be fixed and oversized areolas can be reduced if needed.
  • Breast augmentation to complement the breast lift. Saline or silicone breast implants are inserted into pockets either above or below the chest muscles.
  • Tummy tuck surgery to create a firmer, flatter abdomen. Excess fat and skin are removed and separated abdominal muscles are repaired. Sometimes tummy tuck can improve the appearance of stretch marks, too.
  • Liposuction to treat disproportionate areas with excess body fat. Fatty tissue is suctioned from the body through slender tubes, and the treated area is contoured and shaped.

Sometimes Dr. Kim performs these procedures during a single operation; in other cases, she may recommend separating them out into different stages and recovering in between.

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Mothers that want to feel more attractive and comfortable in their own skin should consider mommy makeover with Dr. Kim. Please call or email our Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice and request a consultation with Dr. Kim to discuss the available treatment options.

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