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Nasal Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

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The nose is arguably the most prominent feature of the face. Nasal reconstruction is comprised of multiple techniques to rebuild a nose after skin cancer has been excised, often by a Mohs surgeon (dermatologist specializing in skin cancer). Sometimes, nasal reconstruction is performed to repair the sequelae of contracted scar from trauma or multiple previous nasal surgeries. Nasal reconstruction techniques range from filling small defects using skin grafts or small flaps from the nose or cheek, to using a forehead flap (borrowing skin and tissue from the central forehead as well as cartilage grafts from the nose or ear). A forehead flap nasal reconstruction is performed in a staged fashion (two to three separate surgeries), to reconstruct the entire nose.

The goal is to restore both form and function and the technique chosen depends both on the deformity (site, size, and depth of the defect) and also the patient’s expectations in terms of results and recovery.

It can be a complex series of procedures to recreate a “normal” appearing nose and always requires careful planning, often based on the ideal or normal side of the nose. Repairs may be further improved by later revisions to improve the appearance, function, or scars. The results of facial and nasal reconstruction can be excellent.

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