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Otoplasty in Beverly Hills

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Our ears rarely attract attention when normal in size and in relationship to our other facial features. However, protruding, large, or misshapen ears can attract unwanted attention and can affect self-image and confidence. If protruding ears bother you or your child, you may consider plastic surgery of the ears. Otoplasty can be performed to improve the shape, position, or proportion of your ears.

For infants, non-surgical ear molding can be performed for prominent ears and congenital ear deformities (misshapen ears).  Infants can start treatment as early as the first week of life and up to three months of age.  Results are best when treatment is started early as the cartilage is softest early in life (while maternal estrogens are still present in the baby’s system).  Using ear molding systems or customized molds, the ear(s) is molded into a more desirable shape.

Otoplasty utilizes techniques involving rasping of the ear cartilage to bend it and internal suturing to reshape the cartilage to create a natural shape, bringing the ears into better position relative to the face/head. Correction of even minor deformities can have profound benefits to appearance and self-esteem.

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