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Dr. Betty Kim utilizes expert training, experience and compassion to help patients achieve their unique aesthetic goals.
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Dr. Betty Kim
Dr. Betty Kim

Specializing in both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, Dr. Kim treats adults and children. She conducts the most effective of the latest techniques including the pinch lower lid blepharoplasty, and tumescent facelift which decreases bleeding, bruising, and discomfort post-operatively. Dr. Kim performs body contouring surgeries including liposuction, abdominoplasty, and mommy makeovers among others.

  • Female Plastic Surgeon providing state-of- the-art care from a Woman’s point of view
  • Natural Results and Rapid Recovery with Safety First

Feature Procedures

Learn More About Face Procedures


If you are bothered by the loss of youthful contours in the mid face, jaw line and neck, a face lift may be right for you.

Learn More About Breast Procedures


Over time, factors such as age, genetics, pregnancy, weight changes, and gravity can cause the size and shape of the breast to change.

Learn More About Body Procedures


Dr. Betty Kim will discuss your concerns and explain the details of your body contouring procedure with or without liposuction.

Learn More About Skin Procedures


Frown lines are caused by overactive facial muscles. As our skin becomes less elastic over time, “dynamic” wrinkles from repetitive muscle activity

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