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Capsulectomy Surgery in Beverly Hills

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Capsulectomy Surgery Beverly Hills

After breast augmentation, scar tissue may form around your breast implants.  This scar tissue, also known as a capsule, can be soft and you may never even know it exists (requiring no action).  On the other end of the spectrum, this scar tissue or capsule can contract and cause your breast to become firm, distorted, and at times cool and painful.

With symptomatic capsular contracture, or significant distortion interfering with mammograms (capsules can make the manipulation of your breast tissue difficult or impossible for breast cancer screening) you may need another operation to remove or release the scar tissue, with or without replacement of your implants.  In addition to surgery, you may be treated with medicine such as Singulair ®   that may inhibit or decrease the amount of scar tissue that forms around your implants in the future.

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