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Betty Kim MD


Mitzi Quintero, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Mitzi Quintero, PA-C is a board-certified physician assistant with 18 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She has worked with Dr. Kim since 2015 and has brought her invaluable experience and expertise to our office.

She works with patients from pre- to post-op, preparing them for their surgeries and ensuring they heal well and beautifully. Her favorite part of her work is restoring what breast cancer patients never asked to be taken away. She provides her patients with compassionate and comprehensive care.

Erin Unson, RN

Clinical and Aesthetic Nurse

Erin Unson is an registered nurse with 7 years of nursing experience. She transitioned from the ICU and began working for Dr. Kim as a clinical and aesthetic nurse.

She provides clinical support to all surgical patients, ensuring they’re prepared for their surgeries and healing well.

She provides personalized aesthetic services such as injectables and CoolSculpting. She has been trained by the best injectors in the country, including Dr. Kim herself, and continues to further her expertise by attending lectures and conferences.

Karen Daly, MA

Medical Assistant

Karen Daly has been our medical assistant since the Fall of 2021. She brings 14 years of experience and a passion for patient care and comfort to our practice. She ensures clinics run smoothly and prepares each patient for their office visit. Her genuine care for her patients and their stories drives her to deliver the very best care to each individual.

Karen loves to spend time with her family and finds support in her church. She loves knowing that she is an integral member of the team and contributes greatly to every beautiful outcome.

Veronica Blanton

Surgery Coordinator

Veronica is Dr. Kim’s surgery coordinator. With 16 years of plastic surgery experience both in surgery coordinating and patient service, she believes that meticulous attention to detail and clear communication is key to providing an exceptional patient experience.

Her favorite surgery is the breast reduction because it offers patients a new freedom and lease on life.

She enjoys coffee, dark chocolate, and wine. She loves working with Dr. Kim and relishes the challenges surgery coordinating presents.

Lauren Scura

Administrative Supervisor, Patient Service Representative

Lauren is our administrative supervisor. She has worked with Dr. Kim for 3 years and is completing her BA in Healthcare Management. She loves making connections with patients and is amazed by how patients transform from scared to confident by the end of their reconstruction journey. Lauren’s leadership maintains the office flow and ensures that all patients receive timely care.

Her weekends are filled with moments at home with her fiancé and their two dogs. She loves to bake and craft and shares her talents with the office.

Sara Herrschaft

Patient Service Representative

Sara joined our team in the winter of 2021. Before that, she worked in a maternal health clinic in Seattle, WA for 3 years. She works with patients every step of the way, from scheduling the initial consultation all the way to scheduling the final postoperative visit.

She spends her free time enjoying music, crafting, and delighting in the Huntington Botanical Gardens. Her favorite part of working with Dr. Kim are the sweet and gracious interactions with patients who feel so happy with their results.

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