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Combination Injection Filler Therapy Beverly Hills

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Fillers are used to plump the skin, filling in wrinkles and folds that develop with age. The lines that respond best to treatment are those that are static (lines that are present when your face is still). Popular areas treated by hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm ® and Restylane ® are the nasolabial folds, lips, the tear trough (the groove beneath the bags under your eyes), and deep grooves between the eyebrows (after Botox ® treatment to block muscle movement).

The hyaluronic acid fillers, i.e. Juvederm ® and Restylane ®, come in the form of an injectable gel. Hyaluronic acid is present naturally in our bodies as an important structural component of skin, and is therefore well tolerated. There is an extremely low risk of allergic reaction; a skin test is not needed.

Juvederm ® Ultra (also called Juvederm TM) is a next-generation, cross-linked (allows slower metabolism and longer duration) hyaluronic acid dermal filler which adds volume to the face and gently smoothes moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

Results after treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers typically last three-six months but recent studies show that they may last up to one year with maintenance. Results will vary depending upon the facial area in which it is applied, and upon the individual’s muscle movement, skin and health characteristics. For example, in areas of the face where there is less exaggerated muscle movement, Juvederm ® will often last longer. Regular Botox ® treatments in conjunction with Juvederm ® may help extend the duration of Juvederm ®.Juvederm ® Ultra Plus is even more cross-linked than Juvederm ® Ultra. Juvederm ® Ultra Plus is used by physicians to treat deeper wrinkles and folds or where more bulking or more defined sculpting is desirable.

Discomfort with hyaluronic acid fillers can be lessened by mixing with local anesthetic, a routine practice in our office.

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