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Breast Revision Surgery in Beverly Hills

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Breast Revision Surgery Beverly HillsWomen whose original goals for breast surgery were not met, or who developed a complication after the initial surgery have the option to pursue revision surgery. The key to a successful revision operation is to work with a surgeon like Dr. Betty Kim MD, who has the certification, experience and expertise to correct what went wrong the first time and ensure that the results of revision surgery leave the breasts looking as attractive and natural as possible.

Why Women Seek Dr. Kim for Breast Revision

Revision and reconstructive surgery is an area of particular focus for Dr. Kim, and a field in which she has sought out additional training. She has perfected techniques to correct complications that can occur after breast surgery as well as other issues that require revision.

Dr. Kim understands that the reasons why women pursue breast revision are as unique as the women themselves. Every breast revision candidate has a different set of circumstances and a specific idea of what she’d like to achieve through revision surgery. Dr. Kim takes a thoughtful approach to these cases, first identifying with the patient how the original surgery fell short of her expectations, and then determining realistic goals for the revision surgery.

Removal and Replacement of Breast Implants

With any breast augmentation procedure, there is the expectation that the implants will eventually need to be replaced with a new pair — normally around 10 to 15 years after placement. Some women choose to replace their implants sooner than that, either because the implant has developed a problem, or because they wish to exchange them for a smaller or larger pair or different type.

Although today’s implants are stronger and longer-lasting than ever, they are not infallible. The shell can develop a tear or a leak, causing the implant to deflate. In other cases, the implant can ripple, which looks visible through the skin. This is rare, but it happens.

Breast Revision & Reconstruction Surgery Beverly Hills

Capsular Contracture

Another complication that can develop after primary breast augmentation is capsular contracture, in which scar tissue forms around the implant, squeezing it and causing the breast to become firm or distorted, and sometimes causing pain. In cases of capsular contracture, Dr. Kim must perform an operation to remove or release the scar tissue surrounding the breast; depending on the patient’s preference, she may or may not replace the implants.

Normally in cases of mild capsular contracture, a capsulotomy is performed to open and expand the capsule, or breast pocket, holding the implant. In more severe cases of capsular contracture, a capsulectomy is performed to remove part or all of the capsule. New implants can then be inserted if the patient wishes.

Surgical Details

Breast revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The length of the surgery depends on the treatment plan as determined pre-operatively by Dr. Kim and the patient. Sometimes the surgery can be performed through the initial incision pattern; occasionally, additional incisions are required.
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Women who are unhappy with the size, shape or type of their breast implants, or have developed a complication after surgery, are asked to schedule a consultation at Dr. Kim’s practice to discuss revision surgery. Please call or email us to book a visit.

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