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Breast Lift in Beverly Hills

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Mastopexy Beverly HillsBreast lift, otherwise known as mastopexy, is designed to improve the position and shape of saggy, flat breasts. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth (Betty) Kim recommends breast lift to correct the effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, gravity and aging on what were once youthful-looking breasts. Breast lift can help women that have nursed multiple children or simply succumbed to the aging process reclaim youthful, perky looking breasts.

There are several different ways to perform breast lift, depending on the shape of the patient’s breasts, her aesthetic goals and her overall body proportions. Women with naturally small breasts typically require a different approach than women with larger breasts and therefore more skin. Dr. Kim is able to identify the best surgical approach and technique for the individual patient and deliver results that match that patient’s expectations. Her knowledge of plastic surgery and artistic capabilities make her one of the most sought-after breast lift surgeons in Beverly Hills.

Why Women Trust Dr. Kim with Breast Lift Surgery

Every breast lift candidate has her own specific idea of what she wants her breasts to look like after surgery; she also has a unique build and proportions. Through careful evaluation, consultation and planning, Dr. Kim is able to identify her patient’s desired outcomes and develop a treatment plan tailored to satisfy those goals and flatter the patient’s physique. Patients appreciate the thoughtful approach that Dr. Kim takes to breast lift, and the care with which she handles the surgery and recovery process.

Dr. Kim is also very respected for her ability to set expectations and deliver. From the initial consultation, Dr. Kim is candid about what breast lift can achieve and what patients should think about when making decisions about their care. Because she sets realistic expectations throughout the entire process, her patients have a clear picture of what they will look like after surgery.

Understanding Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery Beverly HillsThe first step of the breast lift surgical experience is a personal consultation with Dr. Kim. The plastic surgeon evaluates the patient’s overall proportion and breasts, noting the breast shape, position, amount of excess skin and position of the nipple-areolar complex. She inquires about the patient’s ideal cosmetic outcomes and starts to develop a treatment plan for the breast lift.

The breast lift operation is performed on an outpatient basis with anesthesia. Dr. Kim uses one of several approaches, determined pre-operatively with the patient based on her anatomy and goals.

Women with naturally small breasts and minor sagging (a.k.a., ptosis) may be satisfied with a crescent or circum-areolar mastopexy, in which excess skin is removed along the edge of the areola to adjust the nipple position and change the shape of the breast.

Women with excess skin and more significant ptosis may require a vertical pattern or Wise pattern lift, which provides a greater lift than the crescent lift. In a vertical-pattern lift, a lollipop-shaped incision is created around the circumference of the areola, extending vertically down to the breast crease. A Wise-pattern lift extends the lollipop-shaped incision with an additional horizontal incision created along the breast crease to form an anchor shape. In both of these approaches, Dr. Kim repositions the breast tissue higher on the chest, creating a more youthful breast shape and re-draping the skin more tightly over the new breast shape. She can reposition the nipples and reduce oversized areolas, if needed.

Breast lift does not alter the size of the breasts significantly. Dr. Kim can place implants during breast lift surgery to simultaneously lift and augment the breasts. This option can be discussed during consultation.

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To learn more about breast lift, please book an informational consultation at Dr. Kim’s practice. Call or email us today to make an appointment.

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